friday night afterwords

The Third Chapter of the Show-show series is here!

Fever Dreams with Auntie Show // 8.23 10pm @ MadLab

Fever Dreams with Auntie Show // 8.23 10pm @ MadLab

Join Auntie Show and all of her best friends, worst enemies, and total strangers for a sketch comedy show you’ll never forget! Live performances and new video segments are heading your way in Savage Tech’s “Fever Dreams with Auntie Show!” This might be the show your mother warned you about… but your Auntie thinks it’s SICK, BRO!

Join the Cult-O-Rama!

Doctor Show in “CULT-O-RAMA”: 6/7 + 6/14 10PM  at MadLab [part of Friday Night Afterwords]

Doctor Show in “CULT-O-RAMA”: 6/7 + 6/14 10PM at MadLab [part of Friday Night Afterwords]

Your favorite high concept horror comedy show is BACK! Doctor Show, The Creature, and Trixie the Dancing Skeleton return to MadLab’s Friday Night Afterwords this June to guide you through a truly BONE-CHILLING spectacle chock full of sketch comedy, wacky monsters, new movies, and special guests! Once again, SAVAGE TECH presents a show that must be SEEN to be BELIEVED! Do you DARE stay up late and discover the mysteries of Doctor Show’s CULT-O-RAMA? Do you FEAR being left in STITCHES from all that comedy? Can you IMAGINE the incredible 3-D sensation of ACTUAL CANDY, flying through the air at ludicrous speeds- heading STRAIGHT FOR YOU?! There’s only one way to find out. Come one, come all - CULT-O-RAMA has hit Columbus! THIS JUNE at MADLAB!

6/7: ft “The Terror” Travis Irvine! 6/14: ft. “Devilish” Dave Burkey!



Savage Tech invites you to join us as we open up our treasure chest of sketch comedy, hosted by the one and only Captain Show! Watch as you’re transported from MadLab Theatre onto the high seas of hilarity on board the U.S.S. Sketch! Prepare for live sketch comedy, silly video, and even a dance or two! Starring Columbus Legend: Captain Show with his assistant, Smitty the Cabin Boy. PLUS! A special appearance by the good captain’s kinsman, fellow comedy host Doctor Show himself! Captain Show will tickle your funny bone and swab your poop deck! All aboard for the silliest sketches this side of of the high seas!

The Seasick Voyage of Captain Show is part of MadLab’s FRIDAY NIGHT AFTERWORDS series! When purchasing tickets, please look under the Friday Night Afterwords label!