Comedy Death Sports: Panic at the Bistro!
10:30 PM22:30

Comedy Death Sports: Panic at the Bistro!

Ever think stand up comedy is way too easy? WE AGREE. Come see comics struggle, panic, or do perfectly fine as they are forced to choose between RIFFS and RULES on stage. RIFFS: the comedians will be given a topic to riff on for 5 minutes, or RULES: they can do a normal set, but with a TWIST (usually with audience involvement)! One thing's for sure- it will be SUPER FUN and you'll have a GREAT TIME!

Hosted by! Tom Plute

Peter Brieck, Jameson Rogers, Matt Loxley, Evelyn Troutman, Travis Irvine, Mark Lucas, Lisa Berry, Johnny Phillips, Georgia Barnes and Dustin Meadows

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