The Sick World of Doctor Show is a hybrid live sketch comedy / video show based around horror-show-hosts of late night cable tv. Join your host, Doctor Show, alongside The Creature (made from the corpses of a thousand co-hosts!), and Trixie the Dancing Skeleton! They'll take you on a wild ride of monsters, mayhem, and hilariously scary horror-comedy shorts!


Since 2016, The Sick World of Doctor Show has steadily evolved into one of the most unique and unapologetically fun productions in Columbus, Ohio. Savage Tech's horror-comedy creation blends an offbeat sense of humor, a love of classic monster movies, and more than a little flying candy to create an immersive, wildly silly, and distinctly creative experience unlike anything else in town. If you haven't seen a Doctor Show before, it's always the perfect time to catch this wacky ride of hilarious horror!

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