"You don't see that every day" // AMULET OF CLEVER FIRE

Our 2018 48 Hour Film Project is now online! Savage Tech presents the Fantasy Epic you've been waiting for... "Amulet of Clever Fire!"

This year, Columbus's 48HFP required elements were:

Character: Andrew Ruberon, a mechanic
Prop: a cookie
Line: "You don't see that every day"

This is our first, and definitely not the last, attempt at making anything fantasy-related. Our original cut was twice the length of the time limit, so stay tuned - we'll be releasing a director's cut of this one!

Special thanks to our pal Mitch Rose (Lord Ruberon) for filming with us for the first time on such a hectic project. You're the best, Mitch!

L.Bowes as "Flan" and David Gigliotti as "Roderick Bird-Man"

L.Bowes as "Flan" and David Gigliotti as "Roderick Bird-Man"

TONIGHT... we're BACK at MNL!


Ready to see us join the 2-Timers Club? Tonight (Monday, July 9) is our second time hosting MNL all together as a group - although our own L.BOWES is a regular cast member of the monthly sketch comedy show. We'll be upstairs at Mikey's Late Night Slice at 4th & Main with a bunch of brand new sketches (some based on a few very surreal real-life experience) and some short films for a great night of fun! Pizza, beer, laughs - TONIGHT is the NIGHT!

Doors: 8PM. Showtime: 9PM. $8.



This July, Savage Tech returns to host Monday Night Live! PIZZA, BEER, & COMEDY! What more could you ask for? We'll be in the Pizza Attic of Mikey's Late Night Slice on JULY 9!

Monday, July 9 @ 9PM / $8 at the door / upstairs at Mikey's Late Night Slice on 4th & Main


We're teaming up with Whiskey Bear Comedy for our show in the Backstage Bistro this month for a brand new comedy talk show experience - Whiskey Bear Tonight! Hosted by the incomparable Dustin Meadows, Whiskey Bear Tonight will follow in traditions of classic late night talk shows, and will feature special guests Travis Irvine, Erik Tait, Cherie Blondell, and Matt Monta!

Thursday, July 19 @ 8PM / Tickets $5 /  at the Backstage Bistro, 503 S. Front St.

April Fun!


Last night we had the chance to perform at The Nestival Comedic Arts Festival! Savage Tech performed as part of the Columbus, Ohio night of comedy. What a fun night!

Thanks again to The Nest for having us!

The Nestival will continue through April 7.  Tickets are available at nesttheatre.com

In case you missed it, Joel was on Cinema Wheelerte podcast to chat about Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. Check it out here!


Dustin Meadows of Whiskey Bear Comedy generously wrote up a piece about our latest performance of The Sick World of Doctor Show!  His opinion? "...if you haven't had a chance to catch this show, you're doing yourself a disservice."  Thanks Dustin!

Read the whole thing here.

We're BACK baby!

Where has Savage Tech been? If your guess involved killer raccoons and parodies of Under Siege 2, you're heading in the right direction!

The trick to making a killer raccoon intimidating is to add a Savage Tech prop raccoon machine gun or sniper rifle!

The trick to making a killer raccoon intimidating is to add a Savage Tech prop raccoon machine gun or sniper rifle!

This last December, Savage Tech joined the Killer Raccoons! 2! crew in Nelsonville, OH to contribute to the art department, including props, costumes, set design, and more.

Savage Tech is the chief supplier of Killer Raccoon technology.

Savage Tech is the chief supplier of Killer Raccoon technology.

What's Next for Savage Tech?


Join Savage Tech as we return to our heel personas in Improv Wars on Thursday February 1 vs Puntagious and Reginald at The Nest!


On February 17 come on our to Spacebar to see Doctor Show host the SoHud Fools Parade Benefit Show! Featuring Bourbon Train, The Electric Hand, and Gudger!


Speaking of Doctor Show, mark your calendars for the Ides of March - The Sick World of Doctor Show will return to the Backstage Bistro (Thursday, 7:30pm). All new movies, sketches, monsters, and mayhem! This is a show you won't want to miss!


And the big one - Savage Tech will host Hashtag Comedy's annual improv extravaganza: It's Hashtagmania V, this year at the Columbus Museum of Art! Preshow red carpet, teams competing to take the gold, and more comedy than the city can handle! April 19 starting at 6:00pm.

Season's Greetings from Savage Tech!

What's going on this week?


TUES 11/28: Don't miss friend of Savage Tech Sarah J. Storer's one-woman-ish show, Bitch Perfect! You can spot us as backup dancers for GR3Y (called "2 Sh4des of Gr3y", of course), plus you'll see a short video we directed for the show. Tickets $7. Box office: 614-416-7625

SAT 12/2: Doctor Show and friends are back in Doctor Show's Holiday Spooktacular! It's a horror comedy show just in time for the holiday season, featuring monsters, mayhem, sketches, videos, and fun! With guests! Travis Irvine, Dustin Meadows, and Chris Walsh. Tickets $5. Visit shadowboxlive.org/shows/the-late-shift or call the box office at 614-416-7625.