2 more chances for Doctor Show!

This weekend, catch Doctor Show in Monster Mayhem at MadLab!

Doctor Show in “Monster Mayhem!” // Fri & Sat 10/26-27 @ 10pm // $6 //  MadLab

Doctor Show in “Monster Mayhem!” // Fri & Sat 10/26-27 @ 10pm // $6 // MadLab

This is a great show for first timers at Doctor Show, featuring a compilation of some of our favorite videos, sketches, and character bits. Dress in your favorite costume and join us at Doctor Show! Celebrate Halloween the best way you can - with a trio of monster weirdos!

Halloween is for JUMPSCARES!

Thanks for joining us at Halloween with Doctor Show this year! We’re pretty sure there were more JUMPSCARES during this show than any of our previous performances, but with your help, we got rid of Bistrojuice once and for all!

Savage Tech’s November show at Up Front will be an all-new theme with with the same amount of silliness we always deliver! Stay tuned.

October just got a little more SAVAGE!

It’s almost time for the spookiest month of the year and boy oh boy are WE EXCITED! Here are a few new events we’re excited to announce!

Whiskey Bear Tonight // Oct 11 @ 8PM // Up Front at Shadowbox Live

Whiskey Bear Tonight // Oct 11 @ 8PM // Up Front at Shadowbox Live

Doctor Show’s cast will go from hosting to guesting when they appear on Dustin Meadows’ late-night style comedy talk show, Whiskey Bear Tonight! Catch what’s sure to be a weird and wacky interview on Thursday, October 11 at Up Front at Shadowbox Live!

Halloween with Doctor Show // Oct 18 @ 8PM // Up Front at Shadowbox Live

Halloween with Doctor Show // Oct 18 @ 8PM // Up Front at Shadowbox Live

Doctor Show & pals continue to be pursued by some wacky ghoulish antagonists - but who's got time for to worry when it's the most wonderful time of the year? Savage Tech's horror show host trio is ready to throw a Halloween bash for the ages, and you're all invited! Just watch out for all that goes bump in the night, because this sketch comedy show is going to be focused on ALL FUN! What could possibly go wrong THIS time? We'll see you for Halloween with Doctor Show - Thursday, October 18 at Up Front at Shadowbox Live!

Halloween costumes are encouraged, but not required for admission.

SUPERFLU strikes Doctor Show!

Last week, we did something unprecedented for Savage Tech - we had to cancel our show after all three cast members for “sepTOMBer!” we struck with illness (we say SUPERFLU, also bronchitis and other regular flu-like symptoms fit WE GUESS)

However, after lots of bed rest, medicine, and TLC, we’re happy to announce that Doctor Show will RETURN in OCTOBER… for multiple shows!

Any tickets purchased for “sepTOMBer!” will be honored for our Halloween show at Up Front on October 18. Stay tuned for more info!

Radio! Radio!

Next month, live radio will get a little spookier when we open for It’s All Been Done Radio Hour!


It’s All Been Done is a modern, geeky comedy in the style of old-timey radio serials!

Come at 5:15 for an opening act of The Sick World of Doctor Show! Then Radio Hour's 80-minute performance starts at 5:30. It's almost Halloween, and It's All Been Done Radio Hour is getting a bit spooky! The Mystery Dream Team is back to face a new monster! Also, a second chapter of our noir spoof miniseries, Privates, and you'll catch up with Universe Journey characters you didn't see in September.

October 13 // starts 5:15pm // $5 // MadLab Theatre


This October, The Sick World of Doctor Show is hitting up MadLab Late Nights for a special-spooky limited run in "MONSTER MAYHEM!"

The Sick World of Doctor Show in "MONSTER MAYHEM!" // Oct 5, 26 & 27 @ 10PM

The Sick World of Doctor Show in "MONSTER MAYHEM!" // Oct 5, 26 & 27 @ 10PM

Experience the THRILL of your LIFETIME as Savage Tech's Horror Show Host Trio take the stage! Are your ready for MONSTERS in your comedy? How about SCARILY FUNNY short films? Could you brave this CRAZED HYBRID performance, intermingling between the realms of LIVE action and VIDEO screens, breaking through every fourth wall imaginable in GLORIOUS 3-D? Then HURRY! Get those tickets NOW to see The Sick World of Doctor Show in "MONSTER MAYHEM!" - select nights this OCTOBER for MadLab's Late Night series!

"You don't see that every day" // AMULET OF CLEVER FIRE

Our 2018 48 Hour Film Project is now online! Savage Tech presents the Fantasy Epic you've been waiting for... "Amulet of Clever Fire!"

This year, Columbus's 48HFP required elements were:

Character: Andrew Ruberon, a mechanic
Prop: a cookie
Line: "You don't see that every day"

This is our first, and definitely not the last, attempt at making anything fantasy-related. Our original cut was twice the length of the time limit, so stay tuned - we'll be releasing a director's cut of this one!

Special thanks to our pal Mitch Rose (Lord Ruberon) for filming with us for the first time on such a hectic project. You're the best, Mitch!

L.Bowes as "Flan" and David Gigliotti as "Roderick Bird-Man"

L.Bowes as "Flan" and David Gigliotti as "Roderick Bird-Man"

TONIGHT... we're BACK at MNL!


Ready to see us join the 2-Timers Club? Tonight (Monday, July 9) is our second time hosting MNL all together as a group - although our own L.BOWES is a regular cast member of the monthly sketch comedy show. We'll be upstairs at Mikey's Late Night Slice at 4th & Main with a bunch of brand new sketches (some based on a few very surreal real-life experience) and some short films for a great night of fun! Pizza, beer, laughs - TONIGHT is the NIGHT!

Doors: 8PM. Showtime: 9PM. $8.