Savage Tech launched with the premiere of Dick Justice Supercop: Part One on YouTube on January 6, 2016. We're new to moviemaking, and we've enjoyed working on all of our film projects so far! Stay tuned for what's next from Savage Tech on the screen.

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Amulet of clever Fire

[ A 48 Hour Film Project ]


48 Hour Film Project - Columbus, 2018

Genre: Fantasy

Required Elements:
Character: Andrew or Alexis Ruberon, a mechanic
Prop: a cookie
Line: "You don't see that every day."

Savage Tech's fantasy epic 48HFP for 2018, created with more ambition than time. Stay tuned for the director's cut!


Dick Justice: Super Cop, Part One



Wrestler Dick Justice, super cop, fights to save America in the name of FREEDOM! Also featuring wrestlers Rickey Shane Page, Ruby Riot, and Gregory Iron.


a landscaping we will go

[ A 48 Hour Film Project ]


48 Hour Film Project - Columbus, 2016
Winner - Audience Favorite, Group C

Genre: Slapstick

Required Elements:
Character: Chris or Christie Bowdoen, Former Olympic Athlete
Prop: a cutting board
Line: "What am I supposed to do with this?"

Savage Tech's first 48HFP, created entirely by our 3-person team and a camera with a dying battery. Very challenging and incredibly fun!


Sharp Hand joe



A horror-comedy based on the endlessly meme-able knockoff Freddy Krueger action figure, Sharp Hand Joe.

Official Selection - Best Local Short Comedy (Ohio) - Comedy Film Festival of America