what's savage about Savage Tech?

Our flagship show! The Sick World of Doctor Show is a sketch comedy tribute to late-night horror show hosts (and a way for us to celebrate Halloween all year round). Sometimes described as "Elvira meets Pee-Wee's Playhouse", The Sick World of Doctor Show features the titular Doctor show as your host for the evening as well as his co-hosts - The Creature (made from the corpses of a thousand dead co-hosts!) and Trixie, the Dancing Skeleton! Doctor Show often shows horror-comedy short films, interviews other monstrous characters, and has a habit of throwing candy into the audience. Join us for a hybrid comedy show full of live original sketches and short movies, all themed with a creepy fun twist! Elaborate theming, vaudeville characterizations, and glorious 3-D set this show apart from any other comedy experience in Columbus. Don't miss The Sick World of Doctor Show!

The next production of The Sick World of Doctor Show is Thursday, June 14 in the Backstage Bistro.